The Onboarding Process: Step-by-Step

Thank you for choosing SiteAttention!

We really appreciate your trust in our SEO tool. To make sure you will use it to its fullest potential, we compiled this step-by-step onboarding process to make sure you will get all the information you need from the very beginning.

 The process is as follows:

  1. Mapping your SiteAttention tool
  2. Booking an onboarding session with one of our consultants
  3. Useful tutorials and manuals and where to find them
  4. Support after onboarding 

Let's get to it! 

1. Mapping Your SiteAttention Tool

To make sure that the SiteAttention tool can understand all the custom-made properties in your CMS, you need to map them together. It's best, when the process is taken care of by one of your developers. 

We've listed step-by-step mapping procedures for the CMS that SiteAttention is available for. Simply click on the CMS name to see the mapping procedure for the Content Management System you are using:

2. Book an Onboarding Session

Make sure to book an onboarding session with one of our consultants as soon as you are done with mapping your tool. During the onboarding session we will:

  • present all the SiteAttention features to you and your colleagues,
  • show you how to use the tool and share best practices,
  • present the SiteAttention Dashboard and explain the insights you can get from it,
  • answer all your questions
  • make sure you and your colleagues are ready to use the tool as soon as the session is over!

The onboarding session is the best, least time-consuming and most effective way of learning how to use the SiteAttention tool. 

Book it here and invite your colleagues:


3. Tutorials and Manuals

We realise you got a lot of information from your onboarding session and it can be hard to remember every detail and feature we've presented to you.

That's why you can always go to the SiteAttention Learning Center page, whenever you need help with any part of the tool. Here, you will find videos with step-by-step tutorials and written manuals describing different parts of our tool. 

You can always find our Learning Center in the menu of the SiteAttention website: 

Learning Center

4. Support After the Onboarding

Before we leave you to enjoy your new tool, we want you to know that also after the onboarding process is over, we are there for you whenever you need help with the SiteAttention tool - whether it's a short question that we can solve by email, or a longer conversation we will schedule a meeting for. And please remember - no question is "too silly" to ask! :)

We hope you've enjoyed the onboarding process. If you have any comments on how to make the process better - we will be very happy to hear from you! 


Good luck!

the SiteAttenion team